SIGMORPHON–UniMorph 2023 Shared Task 0, Part 2: Cognitively Plausible Morphophonological Generalization in Korean


This paper summarises data collection and curation for Part 2 of the 2023 SIGMORPHON-UniMorph Shared Task 0, which focused on modeling speaker knowledge and generalization of a pair of interacting phonological processes in Korean. We briefly describe how modeling the generalization task could be of interest to researchers in both Natural Language Processing and linguistics, and then summarise the traditional description of the phonological processes that are at the center of the modeling challenge. We then describe the criteria we used to select and code cases of process application in two Korean speech corpora, which served as the primary learning data. We also report the technical details of the experiment we carried out that served as the primary test data.

Proceedings of the 20th SIGMORPHON Workshop on Computational Research in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology